Our Story

Alex PopeckOn a cold AND ICY Sunday morning on his way to basketball practice, Alex’s car slid off the road resulting in a terrible car accident. Despite a valiant effort, Alex succumbed 27 days later to the injuries he suffered. Alex lived an amazing life and fought hard for many of the special things he accomplished at such a young age.

Alex, a 17 year-old junior at Sherwood High School, was an outstanding scholar and athlete who was honored to be named captain of both his track and cross country teams. Alex adopted the phrase “Never Back Down” to define his attitude toward life and led by example as a competitive athlete and honor roll student. Although a great athlete and honor roll student, Alex was most proud of his accomplishments in his community, and his efforts to reach out and stand up for others was where he truly made a profound mark in life.

Alex’s joyful exuberance and attitude toward life were unique gifts and drew people to him … both young and old and across all boundaries. Quick with a warm smile and kind word, Alex made everyone feel special and better about themselves. He genuinely cared about the people in his life and made sure every teacher, coach, teammate, competitor and classmate knew they mattered and were valued. Alex’s approach to life was a shining example of how one person could positively impact others by sharing his values and his were simply love, kindness, respect and compassion for all.

In keeping with Alex’s memory and spirit, the Alex Popeck “Never Back Down” Foundation raises funds each year to benefit students graduating from high schools located in Montgomery County, MD. Each spring, college scholarships will be awarded to selected seniors whose applications best embody Alex’s qualities of caring, compassion, humility, honesty and his “Never Back Down” attitude.

The Foundation will generate funds by organizing fun, community-enhancing events that will generate goodwill and the capital required to accomplish its goals.

Our Board of Directors includes:

Co-Chairman: Bart H. Popeck
Co-Chairman: Betsy Absher-Popeck
President: George Heacox
Vice President: Lynne T. Absher
Treasurer: Larry Konefal
Secretary: Jean Heacox
Boardmembers: Larry Konefal, Katherine Wingfield Barry, and Jeannie Ervin

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Our Principles

We firmly believe that everybody matters and is to be valued. Our goal is to help make everybody feel better about themselves and we strive to notice opportunities to help, protect and support others and do something about it, just as Alex did…

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