Alex’s Run 2013 Sponsors

We are grateful for the generosity of the 2013 Sponsors of Alex’s Run. To become a sponsor by for the 2013 Alex’s Run (6/23/13), please click here to go to the online sponsorship registration page.

Here are the 2013 Alex’s Run Sponsors:

Iron Man Sponsors

california_tortilla_2013 obgc-2013

Marathon Sponsors

drink_more_water-2013 harris_teeter-2013

PMR Associates, Ltd.
Sherwood Girls Lacross

Half Marathon Sponsors

great_american_photo  blake-athletics
mele_color-2013  vapid_logo

10k Sponsors

mennitt_daly_2013 vazzana_dooley w_w_logo
 Matina Pino olney_grille_2013 minahan-2013
Hazzan Sara Geller The Justus family The Pletcher/Stinehelfer
The Vok family  Michelle Burdette 2017 Zingos Black Lacrosse team

8k Sponsors

Beth and Blake Bonita The Welch Family Moss Chiropractic and Wellness Cyndi Glass
Heidi Behr

5k Sponsors

Deena Barlev  Paoletti Construction  Michelle Szluk Derek Ritzenberg
 Frank Krach


2012 Alex’s Run Sponsors.



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